Prior to the award of the initial purchase order to a vendor, it is customary throughout the Oil & Gas industry to conduct a Vendor Quality Surveillance Audit. We provide this service to assure our clients that their purchase orders and specification requirements can and will be complied with in a timely and consistent manner by the vendor.

Source Inspection / Vendor Inspection / Expediting Services

When a vendor has met the requirements of the audit and has been awarded a purchase order for materials/equipment by our client, the following procedures are available for all source inspection, vendor inspection and expediting services:

  • Early Cost Estimate;
  • Order Review;
  • Assignment / Cost Estimate;
  • Vendor Engagement: Pre-inspection Meetings & Source Inspection Visits;
  • Cost Control;
  • Release Notice / Rejection Notices;
  • Final Report;
  • Inspection Report;
  • Inspection Invoice Verification & Payment.