Vendor Inspection

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Ensuring consistent quality demands specialist inspection, monitoring and testing.

Podim engineering inspection and surveillance assure compliance and monitors manufacturing process, while our expediting services help yoi meet overall project timelines and budget.

We operate a global model supported by specialist available from regional centres around the world, we provide inspection and surveillance on the ground, when and where you need it.

Our experienced and competent quality assurance inspectors can oversee.

  • Manufacturing process
  • Inspection or testing of materials.
  • Compliance with company, contractual and regulatory requirement.

We use our customised inspection reporting coordination assistance program (CAP) software to monitor client’s project, with particular emphasis on tracking and reporting our inspection activities. This provides a fast turnaround time for project information audits, and report.

What You get

  • Skilled and competent inspection
  • Vendor site visit
  • Mill surveillance
  • Quality engineering
  • Effective reporting, production schedule and criticality ratings
  • Identification of special test and inspection procedures
  • Traceability of materials
  • Access to PE ltd technical advisory services.
  • Qualification of personnel
  • Logistics management, desk and field expediting
  • Quality assurance and audits
  • Manufactures capability certification (MCC)